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General I/O?

Please use standard in and standard out!

Input --
Java: Scanner in = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
C: scanf("%d %d", &integer1, &integer2);
C++: int x; cin >> x;

Output --
Java: System.out.println("asdf");
C: printf("%d %d", integer1, integer2);
C++: int x = 5; cout << x << endl;
General Java class names?

Please use the following class names (make sure classes are public):

Problem A - public class A { ... }
Problem B - public class B { ... }
. . .
General Compilers?

gcc 4.4.7
javac 1.6.0_37
Python 2.6.6
ghc 7.0.4
General Thanks for the contest!
- The guy who gets a lot of WA's from UBC

NP ... != P?
General Why am I getting compile errors for my Java submissions?

Seems that they moved our account to a place without Java compiler. Yes, that is a Computer Science server.
L - Omar's Bug Is there a special judge for L?

No - they ask for the specific solution. Your solution is just a bit off. Maybe you have an off-by-one somewhere, no idea.

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