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General I/O?

Please use standard in and standard out!

Input --
Java: Scanner in = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
C: scanf("%d %d", &integer1, &integer2);
C++: int x; cin >> x;

Output --
Java: System.out.println("asdf");
C: printf("%d %d", integer1, integer2);
C++: int x = 5; cout << x << endl;
General Java class names?

Please use the following class names (make sure classes are public):

Problem A - public class A { ... }
Problem B - public class B { ... }
. . .
General Checkers?

I missing for now - will add it - have to solve the problem first :(

F has not been tested, let me know if you have any doubts.
A - Access Control List Should the output end with a newline?

that is not the cause of your WA. We have no classic PEs anymore. So it's up to you (I would print a new line, but that's me).
General Why is mu I failing?

Darko hasn't written the checker yet (see other clarifications) - will rejudge once it's there.

Solving it is much easier than checking the solution... sigh.
General why is russia so good

It's colder than here, they have nothing better to do :P
I - Important Wires OK, are you done with that freaking checker?

No, I will judge what I can manually (I hope no one actually builds anything complicated)

But I will eventually write it!
B - Billboard What's wrong with B

2 5 3

Needs log(n) RMQ, sqrt(n) will be too slow
I - Important Wires I sumbitted Question I. Please Judge. Thanks.

General Please judge Question I

Sorry, was away for a bit (read fell asleep).

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