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F - FDNY to the Rescue How many fire stations can there be? Can there be more than one fire station per intersection?

There can be no more than one fire station per intersection.
G - For the Porsche is the min cost and max cost range inclusive, or exclusive?

G - For the Porsche The output format instructions refer to "Feature Set N." Is this the number of the first customer who requested exactly that set of features? This phrase appears nowhere else in the spec.

Replace the first paragraph of Output Format with the following:

The first line of output for each data set should indicate which data set is being considered. These should print "Feature Set N", where N is the data set these results are for, counting from 1.
D - A New Growth Industry if after we add the d[k] to the density of the point we get something outside the 0 3 interval, do we just make it 0 for negatives and 3 for positives or there will be no such case

If the density drops below zero, it should be set to zero. If it rises above 3, it should be set to three.
C - Start Up the Startup Should we round up our final answer to two decimal places?

The problem statement was ambiguous.

Please round your answers.
A - Financial Management what's the correct formatting for 0.00???

eg. $.00 or $0.00

B - I Think I Need a Houseboat Should an end of line be outputted after the "END OF OUTPUT." string?

F - FDNY to the Rescue What are the specifics for the output spacing (specifically, are there trailing spaces, are they all padded by 4)?

no trailing spaces, read problem statement for the rest.

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