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General What are the names that we should use for file i/o?

Please use "[Problem letter(uppercase)].data" for input and "[Problem letter(uppercase)].out" for the output. ie, A.out
General What account should I be using? (It's Andrew here.) Thanks!

Hey Andrew, if you know the info for Calgary4 use that otherwise let me know and I'l get that info to you.
General I found Calgary4 by guess and check, I can use it - Vlad is sick at home apparently, but is on our message board - is Di around? She hasn't signed on to our message board, if she is there, please tell her to go to and login with the info we sent her. Thanks!

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the update. Di isn't around now, but if she comes by I'll pass on the message. Good luck with the problems!

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