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Contest of Saturday, March 12, 2016
13:00 to 17:00 MST

Final Scoreboard

CCPC 2016 - Division I

1Too Cool to Have a Name27+4053819 70+207689+207404
2St. Petersburg National Research University of IT, ..112235110+40 114+2054143+207569
3Thinking253575218+80 115131+20(-2)6699
4Pear65+10059+6098  232+120188+60151+12061253
53 Guys 1 Comp125+2019100+40140 (-2)163 5607
6Anesun133+407779199+20 (-4)80(-4)5628
7Team ZA55875+40209+80 (-2)151+20 5638
8Indra sum yin muench1431128228+20 (-4)185+40 5655
9Well Done Steak Is Done Well115+8019130+60144+20 (-2)139(-2)5707
10JustForFun148+60845  (-7)113+40(-3)4414
11Liberal Arts Majors131+401659+20(-7) (-7)159+20 4445
12CannonRush117+12017101(-10)  113+20(-2)4488
13Team Banana Bread168+2012380+20(-3) (-3)84+20(-1)4515
14The Walking Thread228+2014156+20(-3) (-2)189 4627
15Lazer Volf175+209212+140(-5)  74(-4)4630
16Oriented Towards Objects209+10089184+40  (-4)126 4748
17PSCHack 5081  (-2)238(-2)3369
18We don't know what we're doing but we're still gonna show up151+2024(-6)  (-6)189+20(-1)3404
19Wahaj(-4)11(-2)  (-1)122+20(-2)2153
20Byte Me(-4)12 (-1) (-2)128+60(-1)2200
21Error418: I'm a teapot(-4)34+40134  (-4)  2208
22Tenacity12798(-1)(-1)    2225
23Sven's Test Icicles19643   (-2)(-4) 2239
24Yellow Subroutine 46153+60    (-1)2259
25crispy src code alert(-1)54179+40     2273
26May be 1 question 78(-2)(-1)  215 2293
27PB & J(-4)14159+120(-1) (-2) (-2)2293
28Gabe's Angels205+10017 (-3) (-2)(-1) 2322
29Talk Data to me(-3)37   (-3)  137
30Cookies 'n' Code 86 (-3)    186
31two newbies(-4)141   (-5) (-1)1141

Only official teams are shown in emphasized typeface.

3 Guys 1 Comp is Albert Luu, Alfonso Munoz, Andrew Heng
Anesun is Anna Verkhovskaya, Sunny Nagam, Wesley Tang
Byte Me is Danny Lewis, Manorie Vachon, Steven Ho
CannonRush is Byron Seto, Enoch Tsang
Cookies 'n' Code is Ashish Kansara, Seharish Lakhani, shreya Chopra
Error418: I'm a teapot is Charlie Chong, Christina Lo, Lucas Hossack
Gabe's Angels is Abigail Oliver, Brad Ritten, Johnny Simmonds
Indra sum yin muench is Connor Muench, Indra Prasetyo, Kristie Lok
JustForFun is Arash Afshar
Lazer Volf is Andrew Zimmer, Jarrett Spiker, Kendra Wannamaker
Liberal Arts Majors is Akash Melethil, Bryce Besler, Jacob Budzis
May be 1 question is Dave Tran, Michael Hoang
Oriented Towards Objects is Ian Johnston, Marc DeSorcy
PB & J is Bea Esguerra, Jerome Adviento, Pauline Telan
PSCHack is Andrejs Gusakovs, David Wilkinson
Pear is Muyun Cao, Peng Chen
St. Petersburg National Research University of IT, .. is Modan Han, Robert Alonso Aduviri Choque
Sven's Test Icicles is Nick Brons, Spencer Walton, Sven Zhang
Talk Data to me is Debbie Macrohon, Hadiya Firdaus, Joanna Huynh
Team Banana Bread is Blake Mealey, Cory Jensen, Daniel Kim
Team ZA is Jan Clarin, Jonathan Wan, Shaheed Ebrahim
Tenacity is Monir Zaman
The Walking Thread is Rachel Quapp, Scott Ho, Thomas Smith
Thinking is Linquan Zhang, Shunyi Xu
Too Cool to Have a Name is Tony Cai, Victor Zheng
Wahaj is Christoper Kinzel, MIcheal Friesen, Siyuan Ma
We don't know what we're doing but we're still gonna show up is Anna Tran, Scott Saunders, Vida Jakovljevic
Well Done Steak Is Done Well is Jenny Le, Sean Ovens, Spencer Manzon
Yellow Subroutine is Hannah Rueb, Muhammad Taseer, Pujan Bhatta
crispy src code alert is Camilo Talero, David Sepulveda, kent wong
two newbies is Lin Zuo, Zilong Wang, jiongkai jiang
Noah (U of A) is Noah
Prairie DAGs is Jacob Denson
Segmentation Fault is Da Wei (David) Zheng, Francis Lo, Vincent Hui
Test Account is Da Testers
UBC++ is Brian Chau, Daniel Du, Hung-li Chen
UBC-Unnamed is Carlos Wen, Kyle Ju, Raunak Kumar
UBC^ is Derek Chen, Gregory Zhang, Weining Hu
UofA Derandomized is Zachary Friggstad
robot, f. + machine, i. is Angus Lim, Paul Liu
underage scrubs is Alex Yu, Shawn Li

Current date and time:
Thu, 14 Nov 2019 17:30:52 -0700

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