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Contest of Saturday, March 07, 2015
13:00 to 17:00 MST

Final Scoreboard

CCPC 2015 - Division II

1Team Evil101945 (-5)1252295428
2Over Two16108(-4)(-2) 198+40 3362
3Mark47127+40   211 3425
4Team Newbies2853  (-1)  281
5JavaSee61+4086 (-2)   2187
6CG133+6037 (-2)(-1)  2230
7The Team29 (-1)    129

Only official teams are shown in emphasized typeface.

0xffffffff is Raunak Kumar
CG is Calvin Bochulak, Gurveer Sra
JavaSee is Hannah Rueb, Muhammad Taseer, Pujan Bhatta
Mark is Mark German
Over Two is Camilo Talero, David Sepulveda, Matthew Zapalski
Team Evil is Ben Roberts, Blake Mealey, Daniel Kim
Team Newbies is Cory Jensen, Edrienne Manalastas, Spencer Manzon
The Team is Colin Thompson, Joel Kabaseke, Stuart Seguin
Code Monkeys is Brandon Robertson, Marko Ilievski
Of course. Absolute zero! is Adam Lefaivre, Alex Hochheiden, Claire Fritzler
Scarlett Robotics 1 is Bill Wang, Connor Deptuck, Victor Smith
susoraj is Soraj Seyed Mahmoud

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