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General I/O?

Please use standard in and standard out!

Input --
Java: Scanner in = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
C: scanf("%d %d", &integer1, &integer2);
C++: int x; cin >> x;

Output --
Java: System.out.println("asdf");
C: printf("%d %d", integer1, integer2);
C++: int x = 5; cout << x << endl;
General Java class names?

Please use the following class names (make sure classes are public):

Problem A - public class A { ... }
Problem B - public class B { ... }
. . .
B - Counting Again? Are the 3x1 tiles rotateable? Or are they always lined in one direction?

I am not sure I understand the question but I will rephrase the original as "how many ways... with 1x3 and 3x1 tiles?"
E - Matrix Can we assume that the path will always be linear, or can cases like for example path from point 1 to 4 exist? or is it only 0-1-2-3-....

If I understand the question correctly, I think the answer is "NO" so, yes, you can have a direct path between 1 and 4.
General Python version?

F - Largest Inscribed Rectangle Should 0.0005 be rounded to 0.000 or 0.001?

You can do either, we allow for errors up to 0.0015
B - Counting Again? Can we assume that all spaces must be covered with a tile (no empty spaces)?

A - Time Limit Exceeded What are the units for L? Are they in seconds?

F - Largest Inscribed Rectangle What does B represent in this problem? Question never tells us what it means

B is the shorter side of the rectangle. I think it is stated that way in the problem statement
B - Counting Again? Is N always divisible by 3?

E - Matrix Is it guaranteed that there is at most one direct edge between a pair of places? Is there a limit on the number of edges?

there is no guarantee
no edge will be stated twice, which would limit the number of edges

Note that edges are bi-directional.
H - There is no place like For the input format, when you are given two ip addresses, does the range including both ip address? Say you are given the ip between A and B. Do you replace A and B as well as the numbers in-between or just the numbers in-between A and B?

You include both A and B, it is inclusive
H - There is no place like For the address ranges, can there be ranges like: from to (i.e. are ranges just in the final unsigned integer?)

Yes (i.e. no)
No, you think about it :)
D - Solitaire Why is the answer to the second case 1?
The way I see it:

- Put 1 to goal
- Put 5 to helper
- Put 3 to pile
- Put 4 to helper
- Put 2 to goal
- Put 3 to goal
- Put 4 to goal
- Put 5 to goal
- Put 6 to goal

You never need to go through the deck a second time.

You cannot put 5 on helper (only N can go on empty helper, rule 2)
C - Coin Turning Game Is the number of flips the number of turns, or the number of actual coins flipped during the game?

If it is the number of coins flipped overall, how does the third sample input follow?

1) The number of coins flipped in the first (winning) move.

Flip of length 2 ending in 4
-> HTHT (which is a losing position)
A - Time Limit Exceeded Changed the problem statement.

Added test cases.

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