2009 Calgary Collegiate Programming Contest
Saturday, October 3, 2009, 11:00-16:00



  1. Teams are ranked by the number of problems solved correctly.
  2. If there is a tie after 1., then teams are are ranked by the amount of time it took to solve the solved problems.

If a team submits an incorrect solution, then a 20-minute penalty is given, but only once the problem is submitted correctly. That is, if the problem is never submitted correctly, then the penalty is not accounted for.

Work environment

We will provide a computer workstation for all competitors and will require competitors to use them. (No laptops.)

The following is a list of versions of software and compilers we will use:

We will provide the following resources:


Challenges that competitors will face in this competition are:

If a team submits an incorrect solution, the team will be notified it is incorrect, but the given reason will be brief and non-specific. Finding program errors is one of the biggest challenges.

This contest is modeled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Similar challenges may be experienced there.

Example questions

Sets of problems that Calgary competitors have done in the past:

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