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General I/O?

Please use standard in and standard out!

Input --
Java: Scanner in = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
C: scanf("%d %d", &integer1, &integer2);
C++: int x; cin >> x;

Output --
Java: System.out.println("asdf");
C: printf("%d %d", integer1, integer2);
C++: int x = 5; cout << x << endl;
General Java class names?

Please use the following class names:

Problem A - public class A { ... }
Problem B - public class B { ... }
. . .
General You're aware the links from the contest page to the problems don't work?

no, I wasn't aware of it

Sorry about dead links, this should be fixed now.
C - Computer Cord What is the rate at which battery is charging? Is it, for instance, B-C, or just B?

Just B
D - Manhattan Heat what is Presentation Error

That means that the input is almost correct, but you either print an extra line or space somewhere (or omit some).
F - Queen of Spades I assume that N and K always exist?

General Why do I get a compile error?!? It compiles fine here.

As someone already noticed, C++ extensions that you have might not exist on U of C servers. We are still at gcc 4.1.2
G - Yet Another Sequence Is there any reason that my program would run fine on my machine but my submission results in a run-time error?

It may be because of the gcc version. You may be using a library that is not supported. See the general clarification.
G - Yet Another Sequence If I'm using Java, is there any reason that the run-time error would occur only on the judging machine?

I see no reason why, we have
java version "1.6.0_16"

I will take a look at it, if you don't hear from me, it's a bug
C - Computer Cord For Problem C when charge does the laptops consume?

when the cord is plugged into the other laptop
General G works fine on my computer, throws error with submission

It is a bug in the program.

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