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Contest of Thursday, September 18, 2008
15:30 to 16:20 UTC

Final Scoreboard

Practice Contest

1The Peter Liang School of Computer Science810218
2Jordan Nielson1616232
3Max Katcharov19+2024263
4Andrew Stagg3342275
5UT-Austin C15+4020275
6Jan and Stephen30+2030280
7UT-Austin A3942281
8Jason Campbell4545290
9Chris Thornton22+4030292
10Ken Crouser4549294
11Blue Screen of Death30+2040+202110
12Pathikrit Bhowmick42+60422144
13The UofA Team37+80412158
14Tom Flanagan17+20 137
15team12941 141

Only official teams are shown in emphasized typeface.

Blue Screen of Death is David Redl, Ian Harris
Jan and Stephen is Jan Owoc, Stephen Zylka
The Peter Liang School of Computer Science is Peter Liang, Scott Liao, Sam Messina
The UofA Team is Travis Dick, Roshan Shariff, Nick Merritt
UT-Austin A is David Wahler, Tim Malone, Josiah Godfrey
UT-Austin C is Nicu Stiurca, Alex Hsu, Joshua Lambert

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