Contest Scoreboard

Contest of Tuesday, September 19, 2006
17:00 to 21:00 MDT

Final Scoreboard

CCPC 2006

1Gilbert Lee (UVic)123277+20(-5)85104(-5)5330
2Sumudu Fernando (UofA)114095+20(-4)107140+40(-3)5453
3Darko Aleksic12136(-3) 58147+20 4373
4John Zhang1571 (-3)104(-3)(-2)3190
5UofL Test Account2697+60 (-1)126  3309
6Steven Soneff (UofA)159215 117+20   3511
7Trevor Banack (UofL)54   167  2221
8Fahad Alkhowarter & Rosch Palma19 (-1)    119
9Saskatchewan132(-2) (-2) (-1) 132
10Super Cool Awesome Team41(-2)     141
11we're gonna beat you flanagan47(-1)     147
12Adam Wolfe Gordon (UofA)48(-4)  (-1)  148
13GKS53    (-3) 153
14The Fighting Mongooses72+20 (-2)    192
15Pinky and the Brain (UofL)69+40      1109
16MRC1103+20      1123
17/dev/null141+20    (-2) 1161
18Dys-functional Programmers146+40   (-2)  1186
19pwnerers158+40      1198
20Jeremy Chilton (UofL)133+80      1213
21MRC Test Account148+80      1228

Only official teams are shown in emphasized typeface.

Pinky and the Brain (UofL) is John Hanam and Nancy Tam
we're gonna beat you flanagan is Ryan Janzen, Ian Hern, and Grant Gordon
MRC1 is Lance Gryant, Michael Robb, and David Pusch
/dev/null is Michael Jones and Andrew Stagg
pwnerers is Paul Brodeur, Chris Berkholtz, and Peter
Super Cool Awesome Team is Kyle Yee and Bogdan Radacina
GKS is Tom Flanagan, Gareth Evans, and Stephen Zylka
The Fighting Mongooses is Murray Bratland and Ben Stevenson
Dys-functional Programmers is Tom McNulty and Nathan Dick

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