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Contest of Saturday, October 17, 2015
12:00 to 17:00 MDT

Final Scoreboard

ACPC 2015 Division II

1Last Place30+209+202675+40144+20296248+60196+2081204
2bogosort only261+8038+40238+2066(-1) 183+2021161157
3Cobresun98+60808182 262+20 (-2)5683
4e to the i pi34+2014180216+40 172+20(-2) 5696
5University of Lethbridge 5123149+8022213+60297   5944
6Rising Action18913   287(-1) 3489
7404 Not Found(-2)66177(-4)    2243
8Divide by Zero22944 (-1)    2273
9Code-iaks190+4060 (-3)    2290
10Madcow(-4) 114+60109+20(-1)   2303
11Chow's Last Stand(-7)       00
12reverse(-15)(-5)      00

Only official teams are shown in emphasized typeface.

404 Not Found is Colin Thompson, Stuart Seguin
Chow's Last Stand is Ammar Zakaria
Cobresun is Sunny Nagam, Wesley Tang
Code-iaks is David Nam
Divide by Zero is James Yurick, Joshua Au-Yeung
Last Place is Tony Cai, Victor Zheng
Madcow is Adarsh Melethil
Rising Action is Connor Deptuck
University of Lethbridge 5 is Dustin Fowler, Lance Chisholm, Owen Beers
bogosort only is Aiden Benner, Justin Derwee-Church, Vivian Wu
e to the i pi is Calvin Bochulak, Gurveer Sra
reverse is Manjot Bal, Sidney Shane Dizon
Judge is Judge
University of Lethbridge 6 is Andrew Chichak, Howard Cheng
team302 is Arash Afshar

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