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General I/O?

Please use standard in and standard out!

Input --
Java: Scanner in = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
C: scanf("%d %d", &integer1, &integer2);
C++: int x; cin >> x;

Output --
Java: System.out.println("asdf");
C: printf("%d %d", integer1, integer2);
C++: int x = 5; cout << x << endl;
General Java class names?

Please use the following class names (make sure classes are public):

Problem A - public class A { ... }
Problem B - public class B { ... }
. . .
General Compilers?

gcc 4.4.7
javac 1.6.0_41
Python 2.6.6
ghc 7.0.4
General Problem statements 404?

Yes, sorry - changed html to pdf
General My printed statements are different from the on-line ones. Which one is correct.

On-line version supersedes the printed one.
C - Debts Important change (end of 3rd paragraph):

If country A is willing to lend money to country B, and A already owes B, A may transfer money to B to start the repayment process as long as A gets the amount repaid by B
I - Triangle Graph Must all paths go down?

Read the problem statement.
General Why are there no verdicts?

Good question. The answer you won't like. Judge picks whatever is in the queue and returns verdicts only after checking all submissions. I saw it pick 41 submissions. Yeah.
General is judge down?

No, just not very smart with a lot of submissions
General How much is the backlog for the judge? How long is it going to take for it to be on time?

On time as in "within 5 minutes" - probably within next half an hour. I apologize for not anticipating this.
B - Bouncing Beams If the first mirror goes from (1,1) to (2,2), does that count as hitting the mirror? The last line of the problem statement seems to imply that it can't, because it will come with 1e-9 of an endpoint, but the line will also go through an infinite number of points along that line segment.

See the second example.
General Why my submissions are not judged? It's more than half an hour that my first submission is not judged!

See the previous clarifications.

At this time we expect 30 minute delay. Things should get back to normal eventually.
B - Bouncing Beams The second example doesn't clarify this, we claim. If it "reflects" off of the mirror, that wouldn't change its direction. We want to know if it "hits" the mirror because that's what we want to output.

TL;DR, we claim it's unclear what the answer to the following test case is:

1 1 2 2

I see - no it does not hit the mirror.
F - Arcurve's Party Why is our F "compile error"?

I emailed Paul (if that's not who is asking).

Note again that our gcc is 4.4.7
C - Debts What is answer for this case:
3 2 1
1 2 1
2 1 1
2 3 1

I mean, in above example, 2 can lend 3 $1, so 2 has $1 to start the clear process. can 2 use that $1 to clear the debt between 1 and 2?

Sorry I cannot be more helpful - read the problem statement.
C - Debts Did we really get a compile error on this problem??

Yes - our gcc is 4.4.7, does not support c++11 if that is what you are using.

These are passed to the compiler:
-std=c++0x -O2 -lm
G - Pascal's Triangle is there a problem with the sample input for problem G?

R is supposed to be >= 1, but is 0 in sample input 2.

R should be greater than or equal to zero, I am not sure how we missed that. But the examples and the rest of the statement should clarify it.
G - Pascal's Triangle Why's our G Runtime Error?

Because it causes a runtime error? (segfault, if you like)
General Why is the judge so slow?

I am old.

On a serious note - it's been slow the first half of the contest, now it is working fine.
I am not sure how to understand this question.
C - Debts Does the total amount of money that countries willing to lend to others won't exceed 250000 either?

C - Debts How about this case?
3 1 1
2 1 1
2 3 1
Can 2 lend 3 $1, so that 3 will pay 2 back $1 for 2 to pay 1 the debt? (Since 2 is unwilling to initially lend to 1).

Is that somehow forbidden in the statement?
C - Debts If we have two countries 1,2 owing each other 1 dollar and 1 can lend 1 dollar 2, are we allowed to do the following sequence:
1 lends to 2
2 gives back to 1

and the answer is Possible? "If country A is willing to lend money to country B, and A already owes B, A may transfer money to B to start the repayment process as long as A gets the amount repaid by B" is slightly unclear to us - does the sequence of moves above qualify for this requirement?

Yes, but what does that get you?
F - Arcurve's Party Why am I getting compile error for F? It compiles fine on my machine!

That was weird - I rerun the judge against that submission and it ran fine (note the updated verdict)
C - Debts If A owes B $5 and A is willing to lend $5 to B, is it possible? Is that what is meant by "If country A is willing to lend money to country B, and A already owes B, A may transfer money to B to start the repayment process as long as A gets the amount repaid by B"?

yes, but I am not sure how this is not clear from that sentence
F - Arcurve's Party Are percentages rounded at all?

General Why should Java classes have names A,B,C... ?

Because naming them pA, pB, pC causes some stuff to happen. Please don't do it.

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