The Competitive Programming Club is a group of students, faculty, and alumni that recruits and trains students to represent the University of Calgary at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

We strive to provide opportunities for students to supplement their learnings with out-of-classroom experiences through regular meetings, competitions, and workshops.


President Andrew Heng
VP Academic Martin Tran
VP Communications Jeffrey Tong
VP Operations Tony Cai
VP Marketing Alan Fung
VP Student Engagement Kent Wong
VP Technology Jenny Le
VP Membership Adrian Bathan


Head Coach Jeffrey Boyd
Assistant Coach Majid Ghaderi

Graphic Design

2017-2018 Teresa Van

Past Executives

2015-2017 President Shaheed Ebrahim
2015-2017 VP Academic Modan Han
2015-2017 VP Communications Jan Clarin
2015-2017 VP Events Alfonso (Iky) Munoz
2016-2017 VP Marketing Mary Kate Dichoso
2016-2017 VP Student Engagement Kendra Wannamaker
2015-2017 VP Operations Wen Li Looi
2015-2016 VP Events Adam Fazekas
2014-2015 President Kurtis Niedling
2014-2015 VP External Yasamin Nazari
2013-2014 VP Finance Faraz Bhojani
2013-2014 VP Operations Kent Williams-King
2011-2014 President Andrew Helwer

Past Coaches

Head coach Dr. Peter Høyer 2010-17
Assistant coach Darko Aleksic 2010-17
Assistant coach Sean McIntyre 2008-10
Head coach Dr. Jim Parker 1988-04, 2007-08
Assistant coach Brett Shikaze 2005-08
Head coach Dr. Denilson Barbosa 2006-08
Assistant coach John Zhang 2007-08
Assistant coach Sonny Chan 2004-07
Head coach Dr. John Aycock 2005-06
Assistant coach Alex Fink 2005-06
Assistant coach Chris Marriott 2003-05
Head coach Kelly Poon 2004-05
Assistant coach Derek Kisman 2004-05
Assistant coach Pavol Federl 2004-05
Assistant coach Juraj Pivovarov 2001-03