Welcome to the University of Calgary Competitive Programming Club website. If you enjoy programming, solving problems, and want to practice coding faster, more efficiently, and with fewer bugs, this is the place to be! We meet every Wednesday night from 6:00-7:30pm in MS 160 for coaching and practice. Saturday practice contests are also held regularly. To join the club, just join our mailing list.

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CCPC 2018 Winners!
March 28, 2018

Thank you everyone who attended, volunteers, and Synopsys for another successful Calgary Collegiate Programming Contest. Copious amounts of caffine were consumed by the teams. Many fought hard to get their final placements.

But in the end, there were a few teams that stood out above the rest. Thus, the official results!

Division Placement Team Name Members
Div 1 1st "https://victorz.ca" Victor Zheng
Div 1 2nd Reginald Lybbert Reginald Lybbert
Div 1 3rd The All-American Regex Liam Wrubleski, Marissa Baden
Div 2 1st Roger Cao Roger Cao
Div 2 2nd Bullfrogs Ce Zheng, Alex Liu, Zachary Lau

Full results can be found at Kattis Contest Page

Gallery with pictures can be found on our Facebook page!
Events like these could not happen without the help of volunteers, participants, and our sponsor Synopsys. Thank you everyone!

CCPC 2018 Contest
January 31, 2018

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Competitive Programming Club (CPC) with the help of Synopsys as official sponsor, is once again hosting the Calgary Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC). We hope you can join us March 17th from 10AM to 6PM. We will be serving coffee and lunch, and a talk by Synopsys. We have two divisions, so we strongly encourage first year students to test their skills in the contest.
The deadline to register for the contest is March 15th, but capacity is limited and has historically sold out! With that being said, you can register and find full contest details by clicking through the poster below or buttons above!

** Please note not all languages may be able to produce a solution to some questions.

CCPC 2018 Registration

Welcome back to 2018 - Leaderboard reset
January 17, 2018


Just wanted to welcome everyone back into the new year 2018. As the semester gets going and that add/drop deadline nears, note that our first official meeting will be Wednesday 17th! Same time and location, MS160 at 6PM. In other news, we are also resetting the leaderboard. If you're not familar, we track attendance and problems solved on our weekly contests. We have prizes from Google, Synopsys, Arcurve to give out. Of course, the top members with points will get to have lunch with the Chief Tech Officer of Arcurve. Perfect opportunity to slide over a resume, don't ya think? See more here here

Lastly, we are ALWAYS looking for new members to fill our competitive roster. If you're interested in competing, don't hesitate!
We are always looking for people as long as they have the willingness to learn. Beginner or veteran, everyone starts somewhere.
So please, if you are interested, come by and speak to an exec! GL HF GG